your competitive advantage because 3D is our specialty.


Collaborative Effort

Investigators specialize in the cause and origin of the incident, 3D modelers specialize in 3D scanning to capturing every aspect of the scene and generate the best 3D model and deliverables possible.  Prior to the investigation the 3D modeler scans the origin area for a pure version of the scene, when the incident investigation is occurring the 3D modeler scans the remainder of the area creating a 3D model of the entire structure.  When the investigation is complete, the 3D modeler will scan only the origin area for a post investigation model.


3D Scan

Within a few hours, any scene can be clearly captured with a 360 degree scan, and with a special lighting system, there is no place too dark.  All parties involved will have a preliminary 3D model to walk through within 24 hours of the scan.  In collaboration with the incident investigator, information tags with specific still images or key assets are easily identified.


Multi-Layered PDF Plan Creation

Anyone can generate a typical black and white floor plan, VMA can provide custom dynamic multi-layered PDF's of the incident structure and interior.  The PDF's can include interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, furniture, estimated dimensions, areas and plan view images of each floor.  The layers can be turned on and off so the user can customize the plan to their specific needs.

everything is captured and at your fingertips

3D Scan

The 3D scan provides a host of deliverables including an immersive 3D model, measurements, floor plans, still imagery and 360 degree exterior images.


Everyone takes still images of every room on scene, those are no longer needed when you have a high resolution 360 degree scan from multiple locations of every room.

3D Model

For the entire structure the 3D model allows the user to revolve around, virtually walk through and view each floor individually. 


Insurance adjuster site visits can be optional which will eliminate exposure to off gassing, carcinogens and physical dangers.


- Streamlined search

- Reduce travel expenses

- Improve communication between all parties

- Entire scene has been captured and compiled into one location.

- View anywhere at any time.

- No longer have to return to scene if something was missed.

- Asset management from one location.

Communication & Collaboration

Much easier to demonstrate fire patterns and dynamics and validate the origin area hypothesis by allowing multiple users to view the model and collaborate, instead of  trying to piece together a mental image using still photography.

Want to experience the 3D model VMA is able to create?  The link below takes you to a VMA model that demonstrates how key information is communicated within the model via information tags.  The basement was scanned with NO houselights on and demonstrates the effectiveness of a custom lighting system that floods any dark areas with light.

VMA values the privacy of others, therefore a sample of an actual incident scene scanned by VMA is not available.

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