Oil & Gas exploration



 VMA brings to it's clients boardroom two 78" x 48" portable projector screens, two High Definition projectors, and all of the hardware required to effectively scout the project area. (See image to left)



Final PDF plans e-mailed and/or posted for download.

  • Customized Final Plan
  • Original LiDAR Data
  • Any imagery created from the  LiDAR data
  • Shape files of proposed dispositions
  • Any other LiDAR derived information required for the project.

Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data


 Aerial photos are beneficial when planning a project, they can show the current ground cover and aid in identifying key above ground features.  Unfortunately it can be very difficult to distinguish features obscured by the vegetation.

By adding LiDAR data and remove the above ground points, this allows you to observe what lies below the vegetation.  Apply color based on elevation to the ground, and you can quickly identify elevation differences and gain a better perspective on the terrain, leading to a more informed decision on how to approach the project area.​

Cross Sections & Profiles


 Once a path has been chosen for your access road and/or pipeline, a standard 2 dimensional cross section or profile can give you a detailed look at the terrain along the path that has been chosen, unfortunatly with standard surface models that is the only information you can get.

    By incorporating LiDAR data into the cross sections and profiles you can now get the same detailed terrain information but also vegetation height, vegetation density, and a 3 dimensional look at the entire width of your right-of-way.



 Drainage analysis is a deliverable that allows us to view where water will run based on the slope of the ground model.  We can also estimate how much runoff area there is.​

Cut/Fill Calculations


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Case Study

 Case study conducted by VMA client - $119,000 saved and 18 days quicker to approval stage compared to conventional surveying methods. 

Why VMA?

Visual Modeling Analysis is not a survey company, nor is it a GIS company.  VMA’s focus is to develop and utilize remote sensed data for use in the oil, gas, and land development industry.

Because VMA is not a survey company it plays a neutral part in the scouting and planning of a project area.  Once the final deliverables are complete, that is the end of VMA’s involvement and surveying can be complete by whoever and whenever the client wishes.

VMA has worked on several projects with its clients and their survey companies.  We pride ourselves on being able to work efficiently with these other companies to complete the goals of the client in a professional and timely manner.

No project is identical, each unique in the area that it is being created making communication very important.  When working with VMA you are speaking directly to the person who is responsible for your project, ensuring it is completed to the expectation of the client, there is no middle man relaying messages to staff.