Pre-Construction Pad Models


Efficiency and foresight are the goals of the pre-construction pad models. The pad model will give project management an insight into usable space, volumes, elevations, drainage, cut/fill and issues each pad may present during construction.


Models include:

- Multi-Layered PDF

- Imagery of existing terrain

- Imagery of designed pad merged with existing terrain

- Original surface drainage

- Contours

- Usable pad dimensions

- Depth of cut / fill to final pad elevation

- Original surface spot elevations

- Surrounding dispositions

- Top soil and roll back stripping volume, locations, and pile size estimates

- Cut/Fill volume estimates

- Pad design details

- 3D interactive model of constructed pad site, surrounding terrain and dispositions



 The completions and facilities layout spreadsheet gives you, the user, the ability to test multiple scenarios and layouts before equipment arrives on-site. This tool allows the user to select, move, and rotate completions, facilities, and rig equipment onto and within the designed pad.